Limousin Tourist Attractions

lim10Beautiful Limousin, a small region in the south west of France, has great natural beauty to attract travellers, especially those looking for something a bit more undiscovered and off the beaten path. If you are looking for adventure hiking, kayaking or horseback riding you will be pleasantly surprised by the outdoor possibilities. If you enjoy mountain walking and a natural and solitary experience then this is the place for you.

Yet, if you are looking for culture and artistic entertainment you will relish the opportunities offered by art galleries, museums, concert halls and festivals throughout the whole area. Throughout the region there are some beautiful unspoiled towns and villages that offer a glimpse of both medieval and Renaissance history, chateaux, beautifully designed gardens, and churches that are breath taking.

And if you love an abundance of delicious fresh and brilliantly cooked food served with fine wines, this is also the place for you. Come and enjoy the produce of local farmers cooked in elegant and delicious ways, paired with exquisite wines made by techniques from the Middle Ages.

Limousin is an experience of France that seems like it is from before tourism – where you can enjoy the finest that France has to offer in peaceful surroundings.

The Rugged Landscape

The natural beauty of Limousin is astounding to the senses. With a varied terrain including wooded mountains, lakes and moorland, it is a hiker’s delight. Best of all, this region is unspoiled and relatively undiscovered so privacy in nature is a given. Come prepared for cold and wet as much of the region is at a high altitude. You can also take advantage of the possibilities of sports like horseback riding, sailing and kayaking – for different ways to view and appreciate the place.

Correze: Beautiful Traditional Villages

lim11Nestled in breath-taking countryside is the historic capital of the region, Tulle, with its beautiful historic centre and old houses and streets. Around are many traditional villages like Saint-Angle, Meymac and Uzerche, the famed walled town. Two of the well-established prettiest towns in France, Treignac and Segúr-le Chateaux are within easy reach. Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne has medieval houses and a church and is set on the banks of the Dordogne river. The beautiful scenery and easy drive amongst the villages make this the most popular part of this region.

Haute-Vienne: Chateaux and History

Come and visit the countryside and towns of Haute-Vienne with its historical feel and attractive churches. Limoges, the capital was an impressive centre and some beautiful traditional pottery. There is also a highly impressive fine arts museum here – and don’t miss a trip to see the Bishop’s Palace gardens. Other neighbouring towns like Aixe-sur-Vienne, near an amazing national park, and Rochechouart with an impressive chateau make for a pleasant day out. Also try Le Dorat and Mortemart for great beauty and history.

Creusse: Handicrafts, Spas, Castles and Natural Beauty.

lim12Come to Aubusson to buy beautiful handmade rugs and handicrafts. Get lost inside the labyrinth of Gueret. Visit Chateau de Boussat – perhaps the best in this region and from the 15th century. Evaux les Bains in the only spa town in the region – and there is a great lake Lac de Vassiviere for beaches and leisure activities. There is also a waterfall that is worth seeing at Saint-Martin Chateaux.

For the traveller who enjoys an experience that is more secluded than other parts of France, with a penchant for history, culture and nature – Limousin is the ideal destination to take in natural beauty, traditional villages, art and culture and finish the day with well-cooked and fresh cuisine and a glass of excellent wine. There is also a range of unusual and beautiful hotels to make your stay an unforgettable experience.